Discover Book Titles & Interact
Using Augmented Reality

What is finderscope™?

finderscope™ is an all-new mobile app and community that uses cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance books like you’ve never seen before – 

Simply download the finderscope™ app (available for iOS and Android), locate some of your favorite authors, and book titles to get started.

Launching Early 2021

Find New Favorites

From inside a store, to re-discovering books you already own, use finderscope™ and point your phone to see reviews, hear a synopsis from the Author themselves, and more!

Book Come to Life!

Using the finderscope™ app, illustrations/photos come to life! Interact with your books, and join a community of fans for your favorite books and authors.

Beyond the Books

finderscope™ is also growing as a community! Leave reviews, comments, likes, and explore more of your favorite books, genres, and authors. Review curated content made exclusively for you

For Authors

As an author how would you like to be able to connect with your audience first hand when they pick up your book in the store? With finderscope™ you will be able to personally deliver your message about your book.

What other authors have to say ...
Checkout the ‘Blatantly Honest’
cover in Augmented Reality
See it in action

For Publishers

As a Publisher how would you like to have better insight into shopper’s preferences, increase discovery by differentiating your title from others in the sea of titles, and engage readers in intriguing ways? With finderscope™ you’ll find exciting Publisher & Author tools never seen in Publishing before –

Augmented Reality Ads

Similar to Google Adwords & Video Ads Platform, the easy to use interface allows marketing teams to promote your products in similar to online retail. Brick and mortar advertising has never been easier


The platform features powerful web crawling technology that stores millions of book metadata and user reviews on the cloud. In addition, publishers are (optionally) provided administrative access to their catalog, in order to manage and streamline digital assets as well as digital marketing.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage the methods and techniques commonly used on online retail, but never previously available in a brick & mortar retail environment. Learn shopping behaviour and measure ROI in real-time.

Our catalogue has over
million books!

We Want To Hear From You

We are in the midst of contacting publishers and have established an amazing corporate advisory board of industry leaders. Contact us if you’re interested in having your book deliver your message in Augmented Reality.

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